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The upcoming game - Survival Horror

We are working to finish a simple survival horror game. We didn't give it a name yet, but maybe the name will be "Escape to the Town" or something like that.
As a player you have to find the Town in 3 parts. Every part contains 6 maps.

Part 1: You have to escape in silence without hitting any wall or any object.
Part 2: You have to solve the puzzle, escape, find a specific thing.
Part 3: You have to find the specific town.

There's no specific time to release the game. but if its not released on September, it will be available on the first week of October.
Our target to finish it on September (if there's no update or anything new).

Be following this page for new updates for the game:


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ADUK OA: One million views in one year

ADUK OA: Our ads servers got over one million views in one year.
We have more than one million, but we weren't counting the number of views.

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Big maintenance in July

We announce about a big maintenance starts in July, we will do everything (like: edit logos, rename some of our companies, delete some projects, create new projects, calculate the real equity, make a revenue report and more of things) for all of our projects, companies and services.

Our sites will work as well.

We will announce in a new post after finishing the maintenance about every change we make.