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Toward Card

Toward Card V1 for Windows
Initial (V1) Release date: February 22, 2019


Toward Card is a simple GUI card game that you can play with PC.
There's three main cards: King, Queen & Flush:
- King is the biggest card.
- Queen is less than King.
- Flush is less than Queen.

- Windows 7 (+)
- Free Storage: 55MB
- .Net Framework 4 (+)

Developer: Primo Games
Publisher: MP Holding Group

Size: 17.4MB

Direct Download:

Or Download from Other Stores:

Indie Xpo

Roast My Game

Humble Bundle


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ADUK OA: One million views in one year

ADUK OA: Our ads servers got over one million views in one year.
We have more than one million, but we weren't counting the number of views.

Big maintenance in July

We announce about a big maintenance starts in July, we will do everything (like: edit logos, rename some of our companies, delete some projects, create new projects, calculate the real equity, make a revenue report and more of things) for all of our projects, companies and services.

Our sites will work as well.

We will announce in a new post after finishing the maintenance about every change we make.

The full report of MP July maintenance

---------- The Full Report of MP/Primo July Maintenance ----------

MP/Primo July maintenance started at 01 July 2018 and ended in 15 July 2018.

- MP Holding Group/MP group/MP:
1. Changed the logo.
2. Created Worth History page.
3. Edited the style.
4. Edit all business profiles.
5. Created a new email.

-------------ADS RESULT:::::
-- New server.
-- New logo.
-- Fix slow ads.
-- Fix some errors.
-- Safe ads at all servers.

- ADUK Ads Media:
1. Changed the name to "ADUK OA".
2. Changed the logo
3. New advertise page.
4. Edited the style.
5. Made Blogger SSL.
6. Fix some errors.

- ADUK Ads Media - Click:
1. Changed the name to "ADUK OA - Click Server".
2. Fix some errors.

- ADUK Ads Media - HTTPS Ads:
1. Changed the name to "ADUK OA - HTTPS Server".
2. Fix some errors.
3. Added Contact page.

= Created a new ads server:
 --- ADUK OA Serve

------END ADS-----

- GP Group…